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Did you know....?

  • that "French Sounds" engages language learners?

  • that this method decodes the language?

  • that this method is based on structured reading?

  • that this method was designed for those who think differently like ADD, CAPD, Dyslexia ?

  • that this method makes reading easy?


To learn to read, it is necessary for students to understand that letters and combinations of letters (graphemes) in writing represent the sounds (phonemes) of words in spoken language.


Finally, meta-analyses show better performance

high in students who follow a phonological awareness and letter name training program

(Bus, Van Ijzendoorn, 1999; Ehri et al, 2001).


A French toast breakfast!

Breakfast organized by Canadian Parents for French (CPF) in the Parliament dining room in April 2018.  I had the opportunity to meet the Hon. Raymond Théberge - Commissioner of Official Languages


Events and workshops

Conference exhibitor​

We attend conferences in April and October. Usually OMLTA, ACPI, CALST, CPF and other Council events.

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