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Evidence-based learning

linguistic analysis of  the structure of language


It's never too early to start learning

 The only patented method ​

  • Based on data,

  • A grapheme-phonetic system,

  • Èmeaux target abilities associated with:

Welcome to Watermelonworks™!

Through explicit and systematic teaching of the language code, your child will improve not only their pronunciation, but also their reading, writing, fluency and comprehension.

If you want your child to catch up or progress, give Watermelonworks™ a call!

Phonemic awareness

Decoding (reading)

Encoding (spelling)

Knowledge of letters and sounds

Morphology (Meaning)

Mastery (Automaticity)



 Designed for parents to use with their children or in a classroom as centers or group activities!


Learning method

We are here to help your child learn and grow in French through phonological awareness.

Diagnostic tests

Perform quick and easy diagnostic tests without
waste time. Click here to learn how!


Learn French

With the 5 pillars of reading, French sounds supports three in just nine weeks!

Phonemic awareness, phonics and fluency.  Then, you target the vocabulary and


Our games

Our games are designed for French language learners of all ages.


A patented and linguistically designed method based on the phonological structure of the French language.

Watermelonworks™ games are used in these French lessons:

  • FFL - French First Language

  • FLS - French as a Second Language       (Core/Extended)

  • FRIMM - French Immersion​

Phonological awareness

Link between oral and writing

French sounds

Letter-sound associations

Teaches the codes


Beginner learners of

Kindergarten to 1st grade

We start with sound mats to color,  the sound game to play, the consonant game and an audio recording ​

You can use it in a group

or in centers.

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