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"La finalité de la lecture est la compréhension de ce qui est lu.

Cependant, une grande partie des difficultés d’apprentissage de la lecture ne provient pas de difficultés de compréhension mais de difficultés de décodage, c’est-à-dire de difficultés à lire des mots réguliers sur le plan des correspondances graphème-phonème, ce qui est le cas de la plupart des mots du français."

(Lecture et dyslexie, Dunod, pp. 57-69).  Sprenger-Charolles, L. & Colé, P. (2010). Evaluation de la compréhension et de la fluence : lecture à haute voix d’un court récit (test élaboré pour l’étude Gentaz et al., 2013)

Reading disability and the brain by  Shaywitz(2003)

indicates that for print material to be recognized in the mind, it must be converted from the linguistic code. ... "the phonetic code, the only code recognized  and accepted by the language system."
"To break the code, ... readers must develop phonemic awareness... that words come apart into smaller pieces of sound."

Proof that #FrenchSounds makes a difference in developinglifelong reading acquisition through segmenting and blending phonemes.

    ​A linguistically based methodology that helps your child learn and grow en français.

                                  French Sounds is phonetic decoding using French pronunciation in the French classroom. Phonological awareness. 

French Sounds by Watermelonworks

Welcome to Watermelonworks™   French Sounds! Phonemic Awareness Games

Do you have a child who needs  reading remediation in French language? Or do you want your child to get ahead of the curve? Do they need to improve their phonological awareness skills?  If you want your child to catch up or get ahead, give Watermelonworks™ a call!


With our patented multisensory phonics process, we

help to teach the sounds of a new language so you can learn to comprehend and communicate faster and more effectively.

 Designed for parents to use with their children or in a classroom as centres or group activities!


So, if you need a helping hand, don't be afraid to reach out to Watermelonworks™!


We're here to help your child learn and grow en français through phonological awareness.

French sounds! 


​Engaging students one sound at a time!

​​"It is through phonemic identification that children will obtain greater success

and develop a love of reading. " (Lyon, 1995). Juel (1988).

Take the risk out of reading!  Use the patented

Watermelonworks™ phonemic awareness games today!

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