I bought this product (both packages) at an #OMLTA conference a few years ago.  It's an excellent warm-up for my grade 2 French immersion class.
--Gabrielle Faion-Kralik
St. Cecilia, TCDSB

I am so excited to have this for the classroom. Your workshop was fantastic!

Marlene Luchies
Grades 6/7/8 & French 
Timothy Christian School French Program

"Love your app & sound games!"
Amy Murray, SERT 

UGDSB - Upper Grand DSB

(email quote.)

"Our seven year old was in a French Immersion program and was struggling with reading. A teacher suggested WatermelonWorks™, and today he is a solid "B" student in grade 9 at a French First Language school. We credit Watermelonworks™' fun approach to learning for his success."
-- Karen H., Mom (2008)

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I thought you all should know my son will graduate grade 12 with honours in a French first language school tomorrow.

The kid who people said would never make it in a French immersion program.  Watermelonworks™ made it possible!
--Karen H.  Mom, June 25, 2012

This is what is missing.
- Claudette Landry,
TfS - Toronto French School
(quote at OMLTA Fall 2015)

"In using this tool many of the students referred for tutoring have improved in recalling phonemic sounds and gained great confidence in their reading skills."
-- Elly, HFCS, Teacher, TVDSB

My grade 1 French immersion students love "le jeu des consonnes".  We use it as part of our Daily 5 activities.
--Letizia Macri
gr 1. FI, St. Cecilia, TCDSB

​​​​Planting the Seeds of language™

Thank you

to all who took the time to write a testimonial for WatermelonworksFrench Sounds resources.  

I am humbled and honoured by you all.

​If you would like to write a testimonial, please feel free to contact me and send your message on how you use French Sounds.

                                                                                           Jenny  🍉

"I am pleased to recommend French Sounds as an instructional tool for use in the French classroom or at home with parents.
I was introduced to Jen and the patented Watermelonworks™ method in 2011.  It is a great method for teaching students how to read, write and speak French.

​Watermelonworks™ is a platform for language learning that levels the playing field for all students.

After 15+ years of research and testing, Jen has created a stellar program that can be used at home or in the classroom. It takes the basic building blocks of language by breaking the language apart into sounds, allowing users to then mix up the phonemes to practice reading, speaking and writing.

My students love using it, as it is fun, motivating and challenging. It also builds confidence and reaps sustainable results. The game style platform is available digitally and in a traditional board game form which supports multiple learning styles.

Watermelonworks™ is a must for any French Second Language curriculum."

Sylvia Duckworth, Core French Teacher,
Crescent School,Toronto, ON