​French Sounds                                   $34.95
 There are four levels of game play with this kit.
Level One is the sound game -learning and developing phonemic awareness skills with  sound recognition through various methods of play with the sound cards and sound chart.

Level Two is sound blending
where students learn to blend combination sounds to develop reading skills using the game board and consonant cards.

Level Three is word building
where students learn to create simple words as well as conjugate by using the sound cards and the consonant cards.

Level Four is a "repeat after me" audio
that takes the student through all the phonemes to enhance the skill of phonemic identification of sounds to develop improved reading skills using the sound chart and audio file.

The Bonus is the Sound Ruler
in which all the sound combinations are contained on an 8” x 2” bookmark for easy reference when reading a book.

French Sounds II                           $12.05     
Additional more difficult phonemes for advancing readers!  An add-on to the original kit that comes with phoneme cards, sound sheet and audio.

French Sounds Anchor Chart              $36.95
This chart contains all the basic phonemes required for beginners!

It is 1' wide by 3' long!

​French Sounds SMART files           $89.50
These authorised SMART files are basically 4 levels of concentration, sound blending, word building, sound sheet A & B, and a couple of games!

It is a set of 10 files per disc. All files have sound!

French Sounds II SMART files                $44.75
These authorized SMART files are complimentary to the original SMART files with the same formats and games using the second version phonemes! 

It is a set of 5 files.  All files have sound!

eBooks (in flash or HTML formats only):
eBooks10                                            $49.50

a set of 10 different eBooks entitled "Compter par ..."

Each book teaches the reader how to skip count, and add by 1s, 2s, 3s, right up to 10s. (A great beginning for times tables preparation.)    
   All books have sound!

eBooks7                                                $34.65 

 Seven eBooks :l'alphabet, les voyelles, les consonnes,

les pronoms sujets, ALLER, AVOIR,  and ÊTRE    
     *each book teaches young readers how to identify the alphabet, vowels, consonants, subject pronouns, as well as conjugate the verbs. 

All have sound and engaging pictures.

​eBooks18                                      $161.82 

18 different sound books for beginner readers to learn and develop sound blends while reading!

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